The Bachelor 2:5

Taking charge, interviews and eliminations The following day Lola summed Lowell, Samuel and Alistair to a mysterious meeting. She hadn’t interfered much in the past few days, and Lowell had assumed they had come to an understanding. That she had accepted his authority and taken a step back. He felt a bit anxious as he […]

The Bachelor 2:4

Hanging out with the fellows Later that evening, after eliminations, Samuel and Alistair popped in for a visit. They were watching sports in Lowell´s rooms. Lowell: “There are plenty of fish in the sea”, interesting topic, and a somewhat redundant statement considering the situation.   Alistair: “Marriage is out of the question!” *Stony faces*   […]

The Bachelor 2:3

Day three Underwear gathering Everyone gathered in their underwear, well, almost everyone. Lowell has obvious reasons, Joanne.. well, she´s Joanne. It just wouldn´t be proper. Smooth talker Lowell convinced her to change, and I would think he regrets it. She looks like her wardrobe threw up on her. Lowell´s reaction? Well, within seconds he wishes […]

The Bachelor 2:2

Day one, scoping the room Lowell woke up early the first day of the challenge. He decided on a morning work out to calm his nerves. Perhaps too early.   This being the first day of the challenge, Lola advised Lowell to gather the girls and scope the room for starters. Ashleigh caught his attention, […]

The Bachelor 2:1

The selected “I think I have narrowed it down to twenty now, Lowell”, Lola told the Bachelor. “I just need to know if you would prefer me to show you now or when the fifteen are selected?” “It´s my life, so It should be my choice”, Lowell told her without interrupting his game.   “It […]

The Bachelor 1:5

Preparations Lowell St. Haldemor Senior had an afternoon appointment the very next day after his son had finally agreed to the arrangement. Lowell Senior was feeling optimistic, convinced this would result in the survival of his legacy. Lowell Senior had always been very ambitious, but he was also a family man, and grandchildren were at […]

The Bachelor 1:4

Revelations  That morning Lowell awoke from a dream about his mother from his phone ringing persistently. As he got out of bed he remembered fragments of the dream, a very unpleasant dream where he couldn’t save her from something terrible. He couldn’t recall what. He knew the dreams stemmed from his own bad conscience. What […]