The Bachelor 1:2

Meet Lowell St. Haldemor Jr


The St. Haldemor family resides in the lively city of Bridgeport, a dynamic blend of suburban utopia and city night life, where they have built an impressive legacy. Lowell Sr. runs the town from his office in town hall. He is the town mayor, respected by all, the wealthiest man in town. But even so, Lowell Sr. and his beautiful wife Rosalie had but one child. In order to secure the legacy, Lowell had wanted at least another son, but alas Rosalie never again became with child.


Lowell Sr. accepted that fate, and thanked his lucky star their only child was a son. The St. Haldemor legacy is strictly traditional and only a firstborn male  child may inherit the Legacy.   



Now, Lowell certainly enjoyed being an only child and sole heir. He was invaluable to his father, and he knew it. He was bright and did well in school, as his family expected of him.


All through teenage years he kept his grades up; with minimum effort, but still. He did his share of bullying though, sense of self importance in combination with teenage hormones and all that, but no one ever really challenged him to the point where it turned into a fight. The boys he and his friends bullied stayed as far away from them as possible.

It did get ugly once, when one boy couldn’t stand the treatment Lowell and his friends put him through. The boy just stopped showing up to school.  Up until that point Lowell had never really thought twice about his behaviour towards others, he knew he´d get away with it, simply for being a St. Haldemor, Lowell Jr in particular. It was like a permanent get out of jail-card, that pretty much extended to every infraction.

All he´d get was a solemn lecture by his father, something Samuel took far more seriously than he did.


But the experience changed Lowell, and he thought it changed Samuel too, and as a result of a silent agreement, they started acting a bit more mature in regards of their peers. It did lead to something good, though. The boy whom they had bullied so, was overjoyed when Lowell and Samuel turned up at his doorstep at the trailor he lived in, asking him to come back to school. So overjoyed, in fact, that the two-some turned into a three-some of solid friendship.

No, Lowell wasn’t really a troublemaker, he threaded the path of the teenage Casanova. Using girls like they were recyclable, never committing, rather giving his attention to as many as possible in the shortest possible amount of time.




In spite of his scandalous love life, Lowell was always popular. Probably because he was loaded, he could invite his friends over to his mansion and chill in front of the enormous television. He had lots of friends, he always had. Some because of his money, but the only true friends he felt he had, was Samuel and Alistair, with whom he could play sports, watch sports and play multiplayer computer games with.

Preppy, rich, adventurous Samuel, who spent nearly as much time planning for Lowell´s next hook-up as Lowell did himself.


Shy, awkward Alistair from the wrong part of town who never had enough to eat at home, who Lowell´s parents, along with his younger sister Melissa, cared for as best they could.



Alistair and Melissa practically lived with the St. Haldemors, and were even put through private school along with Lowell. The St. Haldemors thought it was odd they never met the siblings parents, but finally Alistair admitted to them being orphans. They had an uncle who lived in the same trailor park as them, but he didn’t bother with them. So they became part of the St. Haldemor family.

Melissa was always in the background. A slight, quiet girl who seemed to blend in with the furniture most of the time.


Lowell treated her as she was his own sister, all though, Melissa might have seen him in a different light.


Lowell never had trouble with girls. Lowell had them flocking to his name, his money and his house. There were so many of them they became nothing more than nameless faces parading by almost in a blur.


At eighteen, Lowell was already a notorious playboy. A rich sole heir with good looks.

Lowell has it all.

Well, almost everything.

Closing in on his 30:th birthday, Lowell still isn´t even close to settling down. Even though he is the most eligible bachelor in town, Lowell has yet to introduce a girlfriend to his family. He spends his time either with a new woman, or in front of his computer screens playing the stock-market or buying and selling real estate.


In fact, his father is worried that Lowell´s flirtatious, ambitious nature will be the end of the St. Haldemor Legacy. Legacy rules could always be bent a little, as to make a second-born male child the heir, had there been one. If there had ever been a tight spot, this was it. 

Something has to be done!


One thought on “The Bachelor 1:2

  1. Part 1:3 is coming soon.

    I just had to re-install the entire game, had some issues with mods and CC, have to rebuild the mansion, but I´m getting there. I just don´t have that much sims-time on my hands due to mundane real-life responsibilities… and real-life fun, of course.

    Please pop back in soon!


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