The Bachelor 1:5


Lowell St. Haldemor Senior had an afternoon appointment the very next day after his son had finally agreed to the arrangement. Lowell Senior was feeling optimistic, convinced this would result in the survival of his legacy. Lowell Senior had always been very ambitious, but he was also a family man, and grandchildren were at the very top of his list. Things were finally going his way again!

“Welcome Ms. Belle, I trust you had no trouble driving here?”



“I know the area quite well, thank you. And may I say you have a lovely mansion?”



“Thank you Ms. Belle. So, are you feeling up to the task at hand? My wife and I do have some requests concerning choosing candidates. Nothing to big, just minor wishes, one might say. Please sit down, Ms. Belle.”



“Thank you Mr. St. Haldemor” Lola said, taking the seat in front of his desk. “What might those requests be, If I may ask?”

Lowell Senior smiled.

“I love your ideas regarding the competition side of things, I just want to ensure the girls have a valid goal in sight. This isn’t just about winning Lowell´s heart, this is about continuing a legacy. We need a winner who can step into Rosalie´s shoes. Someone with the right mindset, one might say.”



Lola nodded and rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

“I must speak to Lowell, of course, to get to know him a little bit and find out what he´s looking for. I would need to know what kind of women he falls for, to give the contestants a fighting chance.” She paused. “However, I do have a large file of women who have already signed up, so I am confident we will find whatever we are looking for.”



After about another hour Lowell Senior sent for his son.

Lowell stepped into the office with a quizzical look on his face.



“Lowell, meet Ms. Belle.” Lowell Senior said. “She will be assisting with selecting the fifteen women, and making sure everything runs smoothly. I will put Ms. Belle in charge of the entire arrangement. Once it begins, your mother and I will go to live in the house in France.”

Lowell said nothing, conflicting emotions flickering across his face.



Lola got to her feet, and greeted Lowell.

“Mr. St. Haldemor, it is so nice to finally meet you!” She said, smiling broadly.

“Please call me Lowell” Lowell said. Mr. St. Haldemor had always been his father.

“And you may call me Lola.” Lola said, her smile still on her face, as if it had been glued on.



“I am sure you are eager to start the search for your special someone.” Lola said.

“Not particularly” Lowell said under his breath.

“What was that?”




“It is of outmost importance you listen to Ms. Belle, Lowell, I don’t want your regular tarts here. Ms. Belle will help to make sure the women are all ladies.”



Had Rosalie not walked into the office at that time, more would probably had been said on that note. Now however, Lowell bit his tongue and listened to Lola Belle with half an ear.

“There is so much work to do!” She gushed. “We have to start selecting girls as soon as possible!”



“I´m thinking dates, lots of dates, perhaps group-dates, single-dates, speed-dates… “



“Who are you, Lowell? What do you want? What are you looking for?”



“I like a little curve, like this… “



“Boobs?!” That´s what you want?! What about personality? What about background, what about… “



“Curves are very important. If I don´t like them on the outside, how will I be motivated to get to know them on the inside?”

“Oh, shoot me now.”



Since the Bachelor himself were of no help to Lola, she realized she needed to get a woman´s point of view, so she decided to speak to someone who knew him. At least that would give her some sense of who he was.

Lola went to see Melissa, the childhood friend. Melissa lived with her brother in a shoddy apartment in the outskirts of Bridgeport.

“Well, what a…  loverly home you have here”, Lola said as Melissa had invited her in.



Lola introduced herself as Lowell´s assistant, and asked Melissa to tell her a little bit about him.



Well, okay, that was… interesting.


“Aside from beds and unavoidable crying clouds, what do you think Lowell is looking for in a woman?!” Lola asked.

“What do you mean?”



“Lowell is the heir to a great legacy, it´s time for him to marry. My job is to find suitable women for him to choose from”, Lola explained happily.

“Wait, what? Marry?!” Melissa´s yelped.


“He is an adult, my dear, and an only heir”. Lola said. “It is his destiny to marry and produce heirs, it´s just a question of finding a suitable woman for him. What is it he wants in a woman? You know him, Melissa, does he like smart women or is his type more of the home-maker kind of lass? Does he want blondes or brunettes? Tell me everything!”



As Lola finally left to seek enlightenment elsewhere…



When Alistair came home that night from his shift at the restaurant, Melissa confronted him.

“Why didn´t you tell me about Lowell getting married?!” She asked him.



“I´m sorry, Mel. I just didn’t know how to bring it up”, Alistair admitted. “And Lowell´s not too keen about it anyway. I don’t think he´ll get married. You know how he is”.



“It´ll be alright, Mel.”



At the mansion



Mr and Mrs St. Haldemor was departing for France, but not before a final chat with Lola.

“Since Lowell seem quite confused about what it is he is looking for, I am thinking we need as much variation as possible” she said.



“I´ll leave it in your capable hands, Ms.Belle. I am certain of your competence”, Mr St. Haldemor assured her.

“I am, Mr St. Haldemor. After all, I am a five-star celebrity. I am worshipped, if I may say so myself”. She may, evidently.



“Make sure to pick the kind of women who are worthy of the St. Haldemor name”. Mr St. Haldemor said.

“I will work myself silly in order to bring the best possible fifteen into the contest!” Lola assured him.



Mrs St. Haldemor also had final words with Lola Belle. Women-stuff, I am sure.

Mr St. Haldemor didn’t even listen, he was to engrossed in the disturbing painting he just discovered.screenshot-361


Mrs and Mr St. Haldemor left for France. Rosalie seemed to be in quite a hurry to get off the lot.



Let the games begin!


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