The Bachelor 2:3

Day three Underwear gathering

Everyone gathered in their underwear, well, almost everyone. Lowell has obvious reasons, Joanne.. well, she´s Joanne. It just wouldn´t be proper.

Undie gathering

Smooth talker Lowell convinced her to change, and I would think he regrets it. She looks like her wardrobe threw up on her.

Joanne a little bit different undies

Lowell´s reaction? Well, within seconds he wishes to date Joanne, he wishes to hug Joanne amorously, and he wishes to watch the stars with Joanne. The other girls? Not so much.

Lowell Joanna date (2)

So, Lowell must be really attracted to Joanne?

You would think.

She´s at the very bottom of his attraction list, of all the girls in the challenge. Only Lola is less attractive in Lowell´s mind, and she´s not into men.

Attractions 1 (2)

So, once the gathering is over, and Lowell has tended to his more urgent needs, he sets out to find Joanne for that date. In the library Brianne gets ahold of him. Lola is entertaining the girls.

Looking for Joanne

Joanne is not in the library, but before Lowell has a chance to escape Noelle jumps him. Seems like she has a one track mind, much like Lowell. A perfect match? And who´s watching like a hawk, if not Dina. Smooth, Noelle, smooth.

Smooth Noelle

And fullfilling wishes


And then Lowell continues his search for Joanne

Now, where do you find a bookworm if she isn´t in the library downstairs?

In the upstairs libraryish.

Where do you find a bookworm

Lowell is staying his outdoors outfit, most likely to avoid death by icy glare.

And behold, those icy glares are a thing of the past. Joanne is successfully defrosted.

No more icy glare

Lowell blows her a kiss for good measure.

Blowing a kiss

Wanna go on a date, sugar?

You feeling it


Lowell is indeed surrounded by idiots.

The girls are trying to take care of their most critical needs, and failing.

Lowell is surrounded by idiots

The girls are trying to see to their needs

Sara is determined to read that book, no matter what.

And on top of that, the pages are empty.

Oh, Sara. The light is on, but there is nobody home, as we say where I come from.

Im so freaking tired in the middle of the night Im going to sit here and read


Lowell has moved his date upstairs, to his rooms.



The date is going well, ending with a kiss, a hot one. Is that really proper, Joanne? Just saying.

Date going well

After completing the date and the related wishes, Lowell heads down to the second floor. In one of the bedrooms he is once again cornered by girls wanting to ask about his day and… other things. Sara is for some reason butt-naked. Pun intended.

Well, hello there Sara

Dina grabs some one on one time, talking about something.

Swamped in one of the girls bedrooms

Lowell rolls new wishes. No surprises there. It´s not clear what the deal is with Joanne. He´s not particularly attracted to her, but she´s the one he heads for at gatherings, and the only one he seem to want to romance. Is it just about that bet? Or, emotions?

So, for now, he wants to woohoo Ashleigh, Aimee and Sara.


Wishes (2)




Someone is stalking the halls.

Someone is on the prowl

She walks straight up to the door leading to Lowell´s rooms.

If the mohammad isnt gonna come to the mountain ...

And finds the door locked.

oh frick its locked

What was her plan, anyway?

Dead tired

There is no choice but to turn her heel and walk the walk of humiliation right back to her own bed.

So thankfully Dina left

So, what´s going on behind those locked doors?

Lowell is working on fulfilling his wishes.

Fullfilling wishes


It´s a dirty job, but someone´s gotta do it.


Later in the wee hours of the morning, Lowell feels a bit peckish.

Waddaya doin there Lowell?

Waddaya doing there Lowell


The next afternoon Lowell summons Anna and Tomika to his rooms. They both scored at the bottom of his attraction list, with Joanne, but we know he´s not going to eliminate her, yet.



There are now two photographs up on the wall outside of the second floor bathrooms. Fifteen frames, two pictures at the end. Tomika McDowell and Anna White are out of the running of becoming Americas next … well, Lowell´s wife.

Two down on the wall of losers

Lowell got a notification he had fathered a son, twice within minutes. Two illegitimate sons he didn´t even know about. So Lowell rolls a wish.

He wants to get married.

Wishes to get married! (2)

Lowell is flirty, charismatic, ambitious, a schmoozer and a snob, his lifetime want is to become a master romancer, he basically wants to have sex everywhere with everyone, but now he wants marriage?!






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