The Bachelor 2:4

Hanging out with the fellows

Later that evening, after eliminations, Samuel and Alistair popped in for a visit. They were watching sports in Lowell´s rooms.

Lowell: “There are plenty of fish in the sea”, interesting topic, and a somewhat redundant statement considering the situation.

2-4 1 Lots of fish in the sea


Alistair: “Marriage is out of the question!”

*Stony faces*

2-4 2 You just dont want to marry the fish


Alistair: “Right, Lowell?”

*Strained laugh*

Lowell: “Yes, absolutely”.

2-4 3 Do you Lowell


Samuel is completely engrossed in the game.

2-4 4


Lowell: “Remember the school bus, fellows?”

Well, they have been friends since childhood.

2-4 5 Remember the schoolbus


Lowell: “We were such rascals!”


2-4 6 we were such rascals!


Samuel: “Yes, just none of that marriage-crap!”

2-4 7 Yeah but no marriage!


Lowell: “Yeah, right!”

2-4 8 So with you dude


Samuel: “Love sucks.”

Oh, okay.

2-4 10 Love sucks


Lowell: “You know, I think I read that somewhere…”

Alistair approves.

2-4 11 I think I read it somewhere


Alistair: “Guys, we should go fishing!”

2-4 12 so, fishing


Alistair: “Studies show that traditional male bonding is particularly boosted on fishing trips.”

2-4 13 Let me tell you about the science


Lowell: “We could cook our own food.”

2-4 14 cooking


Lowell: “Hmm.”

2-4 15 hmmm


Lowell: “You know, I´m quite famous, perhaps that would be a bit unnecessary.”

2-4 16 Stars


Alistair: “I completely agree!”

2-4 17 thats so great



Lowell: “TV is great! They don’t have that in nature.”

2-4 25 watching TV is good


Lowell: “And love… I think I love love.”

2-4 26 I like love


Alistair: “Riiiight, as long as you don’t have to get engaged!”

Samuel: “You are so right!”

2-4 27 with no strings attached


Alistair: “Why do girls like to cover their faces in mud?”

2-4 28 why do girls smear their faces with mud


Samuel: “I think it´s how they socialize.”

2-4 29 I think thats how they hang out


Alistrair: “I gained knowledge! Lovely.”

2-4 30 another piece of knowledge


Lowell: “Promotions, that´s what counts.”

2-4 31 Promotions, thats what counts


Samuel: “That´s the most important thing in the world!”

2-4 32 Thats the most important thing in the world


Lowell: “Yes, I agree!”

2-4 33 you are so right


Alistair: “I think we have made some excellent points.”

2-4 34 thats bright of you guys

2-4 36 focus


Samuel: “So Lowell, how´s the chase coming along?”

2-4 37 so, are they chasing you Lowell


Lowell: “So far, only minor injuries.”

2-4 38 yeah, I need tender care and a bandade


Alistair: “I could invent a machine for you.”

2-4 39 Ill try to invent a mashine for you


Alistair: “I could use science.”

2-4 40 using science


Lowell: “I´ve got a lot of money.”

2-4 41 Ill sponsor your research


Lowell: “I could pay for the machine.”

Alistair: “Great!”

2-4 42 I got money


Samuel switches over to the cooking channel.

2-4 45 so manuals


Samuel: “Money, I have that also.”

2-4 46 we got money


Alistair: “I have a home.”

2-4 66 I need to go home


Interesting conversation fellows.






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