The Bachelor 2:5

Taking charge, interviews and eliminations

The following day Lola summed Lowell, Samuel and Alistair to a mysterious meeting. She hadn’t interfered much in the past few days, and Lowell had assumed they had come to an understanding. That she had accepted his authority and taken a step back. He felt a bit anxious as he walked down the stairs and headed to his father´s office. The urge to get married had passed, and he wrote it off as temporary insanity.


Lola waited for Lowell and his two friends, sitting behind Lowell´s father´s desk, looking serious. Not a good sign. It also irked Lowell how she had positioned herself in the seat of power. Perhaps she wasn’t quite as subdued as he had hoped.1 2-5 Waiting for them


Lowell and Samuel strolled into the office, taking casual positions, a silent understanding passing between them. Alistair was a bit nervous, as usual, standing up straight as if it was he who was in the hot seat.

2 2-5 Taking positions


Lowell glanced at Alistair, willing him silently to relax, then stealing a peek at his watch.

“We were planning on going out to lunch”, he told Lola, “Did you need something?”

3 2-5 Whats up


Lola smiled a little. Smiled, as if he hadn’t just put her in her place.

“We need to move the challenge along, Lowell.” She said pleasantly. “I have spoken to your parents, they wish for a beautiful summer wedding”.

4 2-5 Summer wedding


“A summer wedding? What, like next week?” Samuel aristocratic nose twitched at the prospect of such foolishness.

5 2-5 summer wedding - what like next week


“We still haven´t established there will be a wedding”, Lowell objected calmly.

6 2-5 Summer wedding no way


Lowell got to his feet, taking a few steps towards Lola sitting behind the desk, his face blank.

“If I am going to marry, I will not make rash decisions. I said it before and I will say it again; I´ll make the decisions, it´s my life”.

7 2-5 walking towards the desk


“Your father worries that left to you all the girls will still be here come fall. Now, that is not what you have agreed to.” Lola said pleasantly.

“I have agreed to nothing other than meet these women, and I am meeting them – intensely so.” Lowell clenched his jaw, understanding dawning on him that Lola hadn´t been subdued at all.

8 2-5 Your father is worried you are unable to send girls home.


“You did agree to marry if you fell in love, Lowell.” Alistair reminded him carefully, not looking up to meet the glare Lowell threw at him over his shoulder. Fact is fact.

9 2-5 fact is fact


“Yes, Lowell, you did”, Lola nodded. “And your father is holding you to that promise. You really haven´t given love a chance”. She smiled slightly. “Please sit down, Lowell, we have some things to discuss”.

10 2-5 Please sit down


Lowell sat down, stiffly so, but he did never the less. Samuel merely cocked a brow behind his back, his expression louder than words. Whipped.

11 2-5 whipped


“Samuel and Alistair, please stay. It concerns you too”. Lola said pleasantly as she gave Lowell an approving look. Clearly, celebrity status counts for something.

12 2-5 Celebrity authority


“What has this got to do with us?” Samuel asked, straightening and looking over at Alistair.

14 2-5 how has this anything to do with us


“I think we can all agree Lowell is having some problems sending girls home. By now, there should have been two eliminations, and five girls less, according to the plan I have drawn out and presented. But there are still 13 girls remaining. Would you not agree, your friend needs your assistance, gentlemen?”

15 2-5 Lowell needs your assistance, gentlemen

“I haven´t grown tired of any of them yet.” Lowell objected.

“Maybe it would be wise to carefully do some weeding”, Samuel said, a sly look forming on his freckled face.

16 2-5 I just havent grown tired of any of them

“Perhaps there is something we can do”, Alistair agreed, his eyes drifting to Samuel.

17 2-5 perhaps there is something we can do


“Marvelous!” Lola beamed at Alistair. “I want you to select a couple of the girls that have so far not been getting … uhm … much attention, and interview them. If you think they aren´t a suitable match, they will be eliminated tonight”.

18 2-5 marvelous


“I suppose we can do that, I think I know just the two”. Samuel said, looking much like a fox in a henhouse.

19 2-5 We can do that


Alistair seemed to be in a state of shock. He simply nodded and swallowed. Talking to girls, this could never end well.

20 2-5 yes agreed


“Fine”, Lowell abruptly stood, “Wipe that smirk off your face, Samuel”. It takes one to know one.

21 2-5 Fine but I am still in charge


Interviews and Elimination

Samuel took on the role as the interviewer. Alistair didn´t put up any resistance, rather relieved to stay in the background.

22 2-5 Lothario interview


First up Sabine Lothario. She was somewhere in the middle on Lowell´s attraction list, and one of the girls he didn´t remember as Samuel asked him to name them all. Sabine was quite the looker, but somewhat reserved, and had yet to make an advance on Lowell.

23 2-5 Sabine Lothario


Samuel started out by chatting about cooking. Going right into her womanly territory, he hoped to make her comfortable.

24 2-5 Cooking


It worked too, Sabine got up and plopped herself down right next to him.

“So, Sabine, how do you like the house?”

25 2-5 Sabina what do you think of the house


“I´m more interested in fishing”, she interrupted him. “Caught any fish?”

26 2-5 Sabine fishing


If that wasn´t an invite, he didn´t know what was. Everyone knew fish-talk was code for “let´s get it on”.

27 2-5 Sabine up to something



28 2-5 Sabine yawn


Mr Smooth.

29 2-5 Sabine Mr Smooth


Clearly, the most exciting thing that happened to Sabine so far in the Bachelor house. And oh, was she onto him. Her dad, Don the Con, had lectured her about this move since she was five.

30 2-5 Sabine nearly there


Success! Clearly, she must think he was irresistible!

31 2-5 Sabine Score


“It must have hurt when you fell from heaven”.

32 2-5 Sabine better do it when the iron is hot

She´s pudding in his hands!

33 2-5 Sabine kiss


And then she got up, hoping Lowell hadn´t caught a glimpse of the game she was playing.

To put it mildly, Samuel was disappointed.

34 2-5 Sabine and then she remembered - crap

Next he gathered himself for the interview with Sara. She scored fairly high on Lowell´s attraction list, but she was acting rather strange most of the time.

35 2-4 Intervju Sara 2

Sara talked about the internet. Clearly a passion of hers.

36 2-4 Intervju Sara 3

Then she got up and left without another word, distracted by thoughts of muscle-bound men. Had Sara been absent-minded her behavior would had been understandable, but she´s not. Samuel let her leave.

37 2-4 Intervju Sara 4


“Sabine is a great kisser, and I think she likes me”.

“Wasn´t this supposed to be about me?” Lowell asked.

“Absolutely!” Samuel agreed. “But she´s soooo hot!”

38 1 2-5 Telling Lowell about interviews

“Sara”, Samuel shrugged. “I have no clue”. Samuel advised Lowell to send Sara home, if not for her sake. He figured she must have trouble finding her bed at night in this big house.

38 2 2-5 Telling Lowell about interviews


There are some things you can´t pass up. Woohoo is one of them.

Lowell went to find Sara and asked for woohoo.

39 2-4 Sara would you like to woohoo

Getting to know Sara and fulfilling a wish, two birds with one stone.

40 2-4 Getting to know Sara

Late that same afternoon came elimination. Lowell talked it over with Samuel. Alistair sat in a chair and suffered at the cruelty of it all.

41 2-4 Discussing elimination

The girls are on their way, Samuel looks pleased.

42 2-4 try to stay focused

So, Lowell remembers what he did a couple of hours earlier. Good boy. There is still hope for you.

43 2-4 Elimination


Brianne has no idea why Lowell has summoned her. Perhaps for a date?

44 2-5 ask me out

“I don’t think we have that much in common.” Mr Smooth II starts out.

Brianne isn’t following. Weird flirting technique.

45 2-5 Im not following


“We had a lot of fun, but it can´t last forever”.

This isn’t good news.

46 2-5 this is not good news

“You bastard!”

47 2-5 you bastard!

Sara is listening attentively, still on a post woohoo high.

“You´re great! I like you a lot, but regretfully there can only be one in the end”.

48 2-5 youre a really nice girl, but...

“What? Noo! But I gave you my flower!”

49 2-5 What no

Mercifully Alistair didn´t jump in to explain to her how the maidenhead is a myth, and that she will be able to give that flower away as many times as she wants and no one will be able to tell. That would have been entirely unwelcome at this point.

50 2-5 its not you its me

And so, four have fallen. 11 remain, and things are much more manageable.

51 2-5 Pictures



Next time, Samuel is planning a very special competition between the girls, one he will not be discussing with Lola. So, keep your fingers crossed and maybe he will pull it off.


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