The Bachelor 1:3

A battle of wills Lowell St.Haldemor senior presented his son with the bare facts one bleak October afternoon. “Playtime is over son, it´s time to shoulder the full responsibility of being a legacy heir. I won’t live forever”. Lowell Jr hardly glanced at his father at that, used to “the speech” at this point. “Now, […]

The Bachelor 1:2

Meet Lowell St. Haldemor Jr The St. Haldemor family resides in the lively city of Bridgeport, a dynamic blend of suburban utopia and city night life, where they have built an impressive legacy. Lowell Sr. runs the town from his office in town hall. He is the town mayor, respected by all, the wealthiest man […]

The Bachelor 1:1

Welcome to the Bachelor story.  I am playing this as a challenge, but I will post it as a story. This is a mature story, so if you are sensitive to that, I would advise you not to read any further. The story will contain sex and hopefully love. It will not be explicit, I […]